Sunday, May 27, 2012

Far Be it From Me

A Meditation on Romans 6

To accept the message of shame
to condemn ourselves
to back out of the presence of God
it is not only death
it is a wicked sort of pride.

Humility demands that we enter into His throne room
that we go before Him
Humility beseeches that we approach
clothed in our very unworthiness
Humility dictates our acknowledgment
that it is He who called us by His own name and made us his own
He covered us with His blood
that we may enter.
He calls us from within the depths of our being
from within our very flesh
from within our lives, our story
from within our aching hearts;
Humility requires that we respond.
Humility, a gentle but relentless slave-driver
a master that we can only defy with anger
with hatred and empty hopelessness
Humility is overcome only with the holding of ourselves apart
in self-loathing
with a guilt that isolates
a twisted self-righteousness, a sick rebellion.

How much more righteous is it to choose God
even in the very midst of our wretchedness,
to hold to Him in our very failures?
And all of those who refuse to let go of Christ
even as they succumb to the confusion and failure and bewilderment
of a finite body made of earth
finite conception, finite experience, finite life;
all who genuinely cling to and choose God
in the very persecution of their own spirits and flesh -
those whom we have judged so harshly -
how much stronger are they in the midst of their weakness
to proclaim the light in utter defiance
of their very enemy's power or success?
That is their hope of glory:
Proclaiming God is the possibility of freedom
from the very bondage in which they are snared.

So, shall we sin that grace should abound?
No. Grace is the very hope of freedom from sin,
freedom from death and confusion
freedom from the distortion within which we suffer.
Grace is the only possibility of hope.
Grace, its existence, its offer, its promise,
is the agent by and through which we have and experience hope.
Grace enters into our sin and stays with us there,
it is a beacon, a light drawing us toward redemption.
We do not stay in our sin to follow it
but it will stay in our sin with us if we do not.
Its light is always there,
though we may cover it, close our eyes to it,
though we may even look at it in anger, hurt, and self-loathing pride
we may reject it, refuse to follow
refuse to allow it to lead us ever further into the presence of God.
Does this sin cause us to love or be loved? No.
But neither does it either extinguish or expand grace.
Grace is the light
the opportunity for repentance
the hope of deliverance
the possibility of God's working in us
that which we cannot do for ourselves.

Will you allow failure and shame to separate you from God?

Far be it from me.

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  1. "Enter" is a cool word.
    Not as good as "Jesus" of course, but nevertheless, a word worth hanging on to.
    The enemy is a crafty sucker. He wants us far, far away from Him.

    Did some posts disappear? I am not sure.
    take care


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