Monday, January 16, 2012

Love's Every Word

March 10, 2010 

I have been reminded recently that love is my purpose... 

It was a distorted perception of love that enslaved me. 

It was a lack of connection to love that nearly took my life. 

It was God's intervening love that rescued me. 

It was the hope of love that made me a new creation.

Love is the Kingdom of God within me and the Kingdom of God I want to create in this world. Love is the Promised Land that I am called to "take," to live within, to steward, to protect, and to perpetuate. It is a land of milk and honey. It never fails. It can never be taken from me as long as I live into and submit myself to it. It always perseveres. Love is created as I am "obedient" to the laws of love. Love is worked in me as I work my steps. Love is the point. Love is the Promise. 

My covenant for life is a covenant with Love and for Love. It is a commitment to Love, to recover from my loveless state and to offer myself to the process of Loving, a process that requires repentance, self examination, and a pursuit of constant personal growth to be made perfect in Love.

Love is an embrace of wisdom, and wisdom has come to me through an understanding of Boundaries - who I am and who I am not, what is good and what is not, what to say no to and what to say yes to, who God is and who He is not, what is His and what is mine, what is mine and what is not. These are the parameters of love and they require my constant attention and perpetual protection. I practice these boundaries through the steps of surrender, inventory, confession, amends, submission, and giving back.

If Love is my point, my purpose, if Love is my Land, then God is my King, my Lover, my Lord. Boundaries are the walls of my land. Repentance and the 12 steps are the stewardship of my land. Personal growth is the expansion of my land, the expansion of Love. But the story in which I live is every word from my Savior's mouth. Love, boundaries, and the 12 steps are "home base." God is my adventure. He calls me to the story before me - which is never the point and should never become the point. Love empowers me for the adventure, God is the adventure, and the story is the expression of the adventure for the season.

Love nurtures my heart. Adventure invites my heart to grow. Growth expands my capacity to love and invites me into greater adventure.

The only adventure I want is God.

The only story I want is the one He is telling.

And so I must hang on His every word.