Monday, January 10, 2011

Honeymooning in Italy?

It is with some trepidation that the single, independent, actualized feminist in me announces: I am going on a honeymoon with God.

Though it may sound like a pre-teen girl's flight of romantic fancy; though it expose some sort of girlish wiles hidden in the analytical, sarcastic, ISTJ rough; it's true.  And tomboys are girls too, you know.

Two years ago, God surprised me with a Trip to Israel.  In fact, it was the very week that I began this blog that I learned of the opportunity, and five short days later, I was quite literally whisked away...

I wandered the shores of Galilee and the streets of Jerusalem feeling like I was catching a glimpse of Jesus I had never been privy to before.  In fact, I felt a little like the girlfriend who has been brought home to meet the family, to see the place where he grew up, to meet his "people."  Indeed, I came to experience this trip as my opportunity to know Jesus - as a man, a flesh-and-blood person.  It was as if Christ opened his heart to me and shared his world, his life, his joys - and his sorrows.  It was like an engagement trip, a time of learning more about my dearest friend - and falling more deeply in love.

Now we leave for Italy in just 63 short days - but not just Italy, Turkey, Greece and all along the Mediterranean.  And I must confess that I'm just a little freaked out.

Personally, I liked it better when I had just a couple days notice and God did all the planning.  Two months is two months more for me to get anxious, to anticipate, to wiggle and squirm and wonder.

My head is spinning.

My heart is beating wildly in my chest.

It's one thing to have the crazy spontaneity to jump when God says jump, to fly across the globe at a moment's notice for the mere adventure of it, for the mere opportunity to see God do whatever it is that He does and enjoy Him in it.  It's another thing entirely to be invited to conspire with God as a partner, to ask, to offer, to risk, and to co-create with Him.  Yes, it was my willing heart that was ready to follow Him to the ends of the earth the first time - well, again - but our excursion to Israel, that was all God.  This, this is me taking a little bit more of a risk; this is me not just responding but also initiating, planning with God, inviting Him.  This is God and I together, a reflection of both of us - and when the two of us get together, well, who knows what could happen?

I mean, all pretense aside, this is also like the most awesome honeymoon EVER.  Who wants to go to some random volcano where people wander around half-dressed and I end up worrying about my tan and my figure?  Not that I'm saying I wouldn't have fond affections for the Galapagos - I am a lover of all things Ocean.  But this, this is the kind of thing God and I would do together, you know?  And that's what real relationship is about, creating something completely unique together because it's a little bit you and a little bit someone else.

It amazes me that THAT is the kind of relationship God invites us into, or has invited me into, with Him.  He invites us to be his bride, His beloved.  He invites us to honeymoon with Him, for He delights to give us good things.  I, for one, will say yes.  I, for one, will go with Him.

As long as I don't come back pregnant.


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  1. I don't think another miraculous conception is in prophecy you goof! What a wonderful journey you are on! ~Charlotte


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